Effective solutions close to you

We have decided to look for solutions that will protect us in cyber attacks and are easy to implement. The first manufacturers we have worked with as distributors are Cyberbit, Natek Technologies, Boldon James, AVI Networks oraz Waterfall.

(R)evolution in application sharing

Today, AVI Networks' solutions are used by many companies: financial and banking services, media, IT, e-commerce, including Forbes' "The Global 2000" and Fortune 100 companies.


AVI Networks

Enterprises seek public-cloud-like agility. However, appliance-based load balancers can’t meet the needs of cloud-native applications in modern data centers. We built Avi Networks to match the application services needs of these dynamic environments that go well beyond load balancing. Avi eliminates overspending and over-provisioning and elevates load balancing by taking advantage of the strategic position of load balancers (in the path of application traffic) to deliver application insights that have never before been possible. The Avi Vantage Platform delivers elastic and programmable application services on standard x86 servers, VMs, or containers on-premises or in the cloud.

Boldon James

We have over 30 years’ experience in facilitating secure messaging and classifying data to protect against sensitive data leaks. We work with the world’s leading commercial organisations, system integrators, defence forces and governments, driving effective classification of all kinds of data within their existing software environments. We’ve worked on some of the world’s largest IT security software programmes, collaborating with our network of global partners.

We are part of the QinetiQ group, a major UK plc and FTSE 250 company, and whilst our business has grown, our attitude to quality software development and customer service excellence remains the same. We pride ourselves in finding real solutions that work for our clients – whatever their challenge.

Market Leaders in Data Classification and Secure Messaging

We give our clients confidence when it comes to controlling and protecting their data.


Protect the most sensitive systems in the world

Winning Your Cybersecurity Battle.



Our products are developed by cyber experts, for cyber experts. We know firsthand what it means to protect high-risk organizations and manage complex incidents across IT and industrial control networks. We are a subsidiary of Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT), one of the top-30 global providers of defense technologies. We use our experience and our field-proven cybersecurity technologies to create products that help organizations detect and instantly respond to cyber incidents, and maximize their security teams’ efficiency.

The shortage of skilled security professionals is becoming a critical industry risk. New, signature-less threats are introduced daily, targeting IT as well as OT and IoT systems. Understaffed SOC teams are struggling to master multiple tools, each one solving a niche problem, attempting to detect, investigate, and respond to threats hit before they reach critical systems. We’ve formed Cyberbit because we believe that security teams and MSSPs need a unified, analytics driven product portfolio for managing the entire incident lifecycle from detection to response, and to train in the most realistic settings possible, so they can maximize their efficiency and minimize time-to-response.

Natek Technologies

NATEK is Security Management solutions provider located in Germany & Turkey. NATEK deployed its software products on more than 200 enterprise customers and sold over 500.000 licenses. Government, military, defense companies, financial organizations and municipalities are some of customer segments. Currently NATEK offers products within Security Incident & Event Management, Network Access Control, Mobile Device Management, Data Leakage Prevention, Network & Systems Management and Data Encryption.

NATEK products offer significantly less implementation effort and maintenance cost compared to competitors resulting in lower total cost of ownership for its customers.

NATEK's growth has been awarded 5 times by Deloitte between 2011-2016 and became the winner of Deloitte Technology Special Award in 2014.

Security challenges and event management

NATEK is certified in CMMI Level 3, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NATEK products are awarded with Common Criteria EAL3 certification.


Stronger than a firewall

Waterfall products are considered the best "cybersecurity best practices" by many government agencies.



Waterfall Security has focused on protecting critical infrastructure and industrial control systems from remote online cyberattacks, becoming the leading cybersecurity vendor for industrial control systems (ICS) perimeter security. Our innovative, patented Unidirectional Security Gateway enables safe and reliable IT/OT integration, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and advanced cloud services.

Waterfall Security’s mission is to revolutionize the way industries protect their physical assets and processes from cyberattacks. Our products are considered as cybersecurity best practices by many regulatory and governmental agencies. Moreover, our unidirectional gateway technology dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of governmental and regulatory compliance with NERC CIP, NRC, NIST, CFATS, ANSSI and other regulations.