Why still comes to data leakage and successful hacker attacks despite the use of many advanced technologies?

We know why.

201 days ‒ average time of detection of unknown malware infection

70 ‒ 90%
attacks are unknown malware
70 days
average of removal of the effects of the attack
business losses


The Technology Security Center is responsible for the comprehensive protection of the entire technical infrastructure. It consists of the following modules: ICT infrastructure area, industrial infrastructure area, proactive detection and response area, identification and response area, cyber security and personal resources. Contact us to learn more about detailed offer.

Effective solutions

We have decided to look for solutions that will protect us in cyber attacks and are easy to implement. The first manufacturers we have worked with as distributors are Cyberbit, Natek Technologies, Boldon James and Waterfall, as well as AVI Networks.


Many years of experience

Our value is the knowledge and practice gained over the years in large companies.

Today we are ready to share our knowledge with others.