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Unidirectional Security Getaways to protect OT Networks

The Unidirectional Security Gateways enable safe IT/OT integration, secure remote access, and real-time industrial network monitoring. These gateways replace one layer of firewalls in an industrial network environment, providing industrial control systems with absolute protection from targeted attacks, secure enterprise-wide visibility and safe remote access.

Autonomous Virtual SOC Analyst

Autonomous Virtual SOC analyst is based on disruptive technology that uses novel and
cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to investigate cyber incidents autonomously.
The ability to continuously identify cyber-attacks allows it to investigate and recognize
attacks without working with pre-determined scripts, playbooks, or rules.
Virtual SOC analyst will investigate all the incidents relating to your organization
(no filters added), faster, without human errors.

Next-Generation Email and Cloud Applications Security

The multi-layered platform provides fast detection of any content-borne attack across all collaboration channels including email, cloud storage, CRM apps, and messaging platforms.
It offers unprecedented detection and prevention of APTs, phishing, malware, spam, BEC attacks, files & URL threat, spoofing, and more, delivered with the speed, scale, and flexibility of the cloud. A special HAP layer provides protection against zero-day and N-day attacks.
The platform is one simple solution that scans all content within 30 seconds.
It can be implemented with just a few clicks without interfering with the existing processes.

API Security

A cloud-based API security platform that uses leading-edge AI and behavioural analytics techniques to discover APIs through a fully automated approach,  collect API activity data and create detailed baselines of standard API usage and behaviour over time.
The platform performs advanced behavioural analysis to detect suspicious API activity, generate security alerts, and give security experts a direct access to an enriched data lake, where they can perform queries and investigate issues.

Digital Risk Protection Platform

A SaaS-based Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform that enables security teams to identify and address any existing cyber risk exposures coming from beyond the traditional security perimeters.
It is fully integrated with attack surface monitoring capabilities, with the ability to pivot to real-time threat intelligence.
This provides a holistic and proactive approach to thwarting threats beyond the perimeter.
The result is complete and superior life cycle protection from a broad range of external threats, based on a three-pronged approach of discovery, monitoring and remediation.

Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

Autonomous Breach Protection that natively integrates the endpoint, network and
user prevention & detection of XDR with automated investigation and remediation.
A comprehensive platform for detection, prevention and automated response to advanced threats with
near-zero false positives, shortening the time from detection to resolution and limiting damage to an organization.
It offers unique visibility of files, users, network traffic, and endpoints, and continuous monitoring of an
environment uncovers behavioural and interaction indicators across the attack chain, giving a complete
picture of an attack operation over time.

Gamified Cyber Range For SOC Teams

A cyber training solutions for both red and blue teams.
It is a flexible, cloud-based fully gamified cyber range that can support any network typology or IT system.
The platform runs scenarios simulating the most up to date cyber threats.
It can support any vertical and are already in use by multiple commercial, governmental and educational organizations.